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Since when did a beekeeper need to find a veterinarian?  Are bees even animals? 

The US FDA considers honey bees a food producing animal.  Honey is food afterall.

Starting in January 2017, if a beekeeper needs to give their honey bees antibiotics then they will need to have an prescription from a veterinarian.

How does a beekeeper find a veterinarian that will work with bees? You are in the right spot!
Veterinarians, meet beekeepers, and Beekeepers, meet veterinarians.

If you are a beekeeper looking for a veterinarian, there is a "Find a Bee Vet"  menu button above to take you to a searchable listing of veterinarians that have said they are interested in working with beekeepers.  

If you are a veterinarian interested in working with beekeepers, there is a "Veterinarian Sign Up" menu button to take you to where you can sign up to be on the list as a veterinarian interested in bees.